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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beautiful Desert Prefab Home For Animals and Animal Lovers

I am a big fan of prefab houses and eco-friendly design, so this story in Inhabitat really got my attention.

Not only is this striking metal-sided house a beautiful example of prefab architecture — it was also designed not just for the people who reside there, but also for their animals! The owners of the home wanted a safe haven for their many animals that would protect them from local predators, so the home was designed with special areas just for pets. Located in the New Mexico desert on the Rio Chama, the Abiquiu House by Anderson Anderson Architecture also utilizes a number of energy and resource-efficient construction techniques.

The owners of the house, a retired anthropologist and concert pianist have a love of animals, including many dogs, cats and strays that find their way into their heart. Their land, which is located in northwest New Mexico not far from Georgia O’Keefe’s famous home, is home to lots of wildlife, including hawks, eagles, coyotes, and rattlesnakes. The native wildlife doesn’t differentiate between a domesticated pet and prey, so the couple wanted to make sure their animals would be safe. Rather than build a separate dog run away from the house, the couple wanted a way for the animals to be safe, but also have outdoor access. Anderson Anderson developed a thoroughly integrated animal house, with decks and patios protected with easily sourced chain link.

The chain link easily fits in with the metal siding, and viewed in a certain light it could be considered a prefabricated system. Easily sourced and inexpensively manufactured, the chain link comes in many sizes, can be rolled out to desired sizes, serves as protection for open spaces and creates texture against the metal siding. Other prefabricated systems for the house include the use of SIP panels for the walls and prefabricated trusses for the roof and floors. Featuring tons of outdoor living spaces coupled with windows framing the surrounding landscape and skylights on the roof, the Abiquiu House is very open and filled with light. The home was built on a tight budget by the owners (who acted as their own contractors), and its use of prefabricated parts and small footprint help minimize its impact on the landscape.


  1. cool. i would live there

  2. Sean, it's your cousin Brendan. I read this article earlier today as well. You should check out Edward Mazria and his work on passive solar houses. I'm really wanting to branch out into this type of technology with my work. Hope to see you if I make it to Cali in the winter. Keep posting!