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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Drill, Gamble, Loot, Starve: The Chamber of Commerce, the GOP, and the Politics of Plunder

The United States Chamber of Commerce playbook reads like the battle plan for those alien spaceships from Independence Day: Drain the resources, take everything from the population, strip the land to a husk... and then presumably sail away in mile-long spaceships toward the next targeted planet.

Wow - great stuff.  Richard Eskow takes on the Chamber of Commerce in a great Article from Huffington Post well worth a read.
What we're seeing is the Politics of Plunder, revealed in all its nakedness. There will be another example of this corporate-driven mindset this week, possibly even today, when all but a handful of Republican Senators vote against a moderate set of curbs on Wall Street excesses. The Democratic Party may disappoint its supporters from time to time, but it seems that Republicans never do -- once you accept the fact that its real "supporters" are the mega-businesses represented by the Chamber of Commerce. Some of the delegates who chanted "drill, baby, drill" at the GOP Convention are staring out their windows at oil-soaked beaches, while others have gone broke in an economy ruined by Wall Street gambling. That won't stop the Politics of Plunder. (Come to think of it, "drill, baby, drill" would have been a perfect motto for those spaceships.)
He also picks up on a topic I raised - the GOP supporting extension of the Bush tax cuts but opposing extension of unemployment insurance.
"Loot, baby, loot." The GOP and its Democratic Blue Dog sympathizers don't want to vote for unemployment benefits or stimulus programs because, we're told, they're so concerned about the deficit. But when it comes to preserving tax cuts for the wealthy it's "deficits be damned." Sen. Jon Kyl's recent comments on the subject expose the inconsistency.

Here, too, the Chamber slavishly serves the mega-wealthy at the expense of other businesses and the American people. "(J)ust six months from now," their letter reads, "Americans will be hit with the largest tax increase in history in precisely those areas that would have the greatest negative impact on investment and jobs -- individual tax rates, dividends and capital gains taxes, the death tax, and the alternative minimum tax." It's economic nonsense to say that these are the areas that most impact investment and jobs. What's more, these taxes on the wealthy have been artificially low in recent years, adding to the deficit while doing very little to stimulate the economy.
Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce want to use our economic crisis as a "shock doctrine" moment to pass measures that will continue a massive transfer of wealth to the upper one percent, while mortgaging the country's future to the economic interests that have already served it so poorly.

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  1. The Chamber of Commerce scares me. It sounds like it is a group of small town average-joe businessmen from around the US, but I have read that it is simply a front for hug mega-corps to push their political agenda. You should write about that. That is suspicious packaging too!