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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gainor - Grayson Smackdown - Gainor wants to Punch Grayson And Take Food From The Mouths of Children.

Prominent conservative media critic Dan Gainor has offered $100 to the first member of Congress who punches "smary [sic] idiot" Alan Grayson (D-Fl.) in the nose, reports Media Matters.

Gainor is the vice president of the Media Research Center, a $6 million-a-year organization that has been praised by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Newt Gingrich, and he is often cited, interviewed and otherwise taken very seriously by Washington Post ombudsman Andrew Alexander.

I would point out that what Dan Gainor said is a CRIME. Arrest him. Violence is not an answer. And yet the GOP says they aren't supporters of violence....I haven't heard Maddow suggest she would pay someone to punch any conservatives in the face.....people resort to violent threats when they have nothing else to offer.

The outburst was prompted by comments that Grayson made on the House floor last night regarding unemployment: namely, that Republican lawmakers are "taking food out of the mouths of children" and "trying to revive the America of desperate straits and cheap labor" by blocking the passage of legislation that would extend unemployment benefits. Gainor tweeted that Grayson is "a caricature of a Congressman," in addition to offering cash for a physical assault on him.

But Grayson is not one to back down from a media brawl. He told HuffPost: "I think he's overlooking something important: I punch back

I am LOVING Alan Grayson! This is exactly the sort of thing that the Democrats should have been doing all along. i.e., pointing out, in colorful, attention-getting language, the moral depravity of the GOP agenda. Robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

The fact that their economic model is entirely wrong is apparently overly complicated to sink in to the general public, despite creating the most catastrophic financial collapse since the great depression right before our very eyes, but the moral angle can get through because it doesn't require complex thought.

People, after all, are busy with their own lives. You need to be able to communicate an idea in bumper sticker-sized pieces, and "May God have mercy on your souls" fit the bill.


  1. Hell yes! God have mercy on those pricks.

  2. Even though there is no god. Remember all that god stuff is fiction.

  3. I agree democrats need to get much tougher. It is time to hit back and hit back hard!

  4. I referenced your blog (and set up a link to here) for a piece at Humor Times.
    Hope that's OK, but, if not, just leave me word and I'll off it.
    You did a much nicer job of it than I was doing.
    Grayson is an inch shorter than me, I chop wood all winter for heat, but, he was an amateur boxer... I knew I wouldn't ever want to cross him.

  5. Hadn't read Humor Times before but it is great. Everyone should check it out!