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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BP Considers New Plan to Permanently Seal Well.

The New York Times is reporting that as scientists on Monday allayed concerns that BP’s well in the Gulf of Mexico was damaged, the company said it was considering an alternative plan that could permanently seal the gusher sooner than had been anticipated.

With oil leaking once again from its containment-cap system, BP is looking into a new plan that it says would permanently stem the Gulf oil leak. This time it’s the “static kill,” a method in which heavy mud would be pumped into BP’s new containment cap, forcing the gas and oil back underground. If BP goes ahead with the procedure—it says it will consider it over the next several days—then the relief wells, which will not be completed until August, will only be needed to confirm that the “static kill” had worked. The procedure could be carried out with the same “top kill” equipment that failed in May.

Will this story ever end??

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  1. BP can suck my left tit. Their TV AD/ PR campaign to restore their image makes me sick.