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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A True American Hero - Adam Frey.

Adam Frey, an elite wrestler at Cornell University and one-time Olympic hopeful, died on Dec. 26, 2009, after nearly a two-year battle against testicular cancer. He was 23.

Cancer may have taken Adam Frey in December, one day after Christmas, but Adam Frey, a decorated collegiate wrestler, remained feisty and fearless.

Adam Frey, not one to hear excuses, was also determined to help others with cancer. While millions of welcomed dollars are allocated to research, Frey discovered that funds are needed to help provide daily necessities for many patients. A meal. A tank of gas. A holiday gift. Something that can put smiles on their faces.

That's why Frey started a foundation that bears his name while he underwent cancer treatments at the Hillman Treatment Center in Pittsburgh and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. And his vision has provided inspiration for Cindy Frey -- and others -- as she deals with her own emotions and healing process.

Frey made a point to give in a big way, too.

Frey first started to bring hot lunches every third Wednesday to his fellow cancer patients at Hillman Hospital. That spread to dinners, groceries and incidentals. Frey wanted to leave a legacy to assist patients in their lives with cancer.

The Adam Frey Foundation is a leading contributor to the Hillman patient assistant program, where gift cards are provided in $100 amounts to be used for food, gas or prescriptions. This past Easter, the foundation organized an event where the Easter Bunny provided treats to the children and gift cards to the parents.

"After Adam's death, his [vision] gave me a purpose," Cindy Frey said.

"Adam touched so many lives, and this [foundation] is something that he wanted to do. He could tear you apart on the (wrestling mat), talk you under the table intellectually. He did not have much patience if you were healthy and felt sorry for yourself, but he could be the most patient person in the world when somebody needed his patience.

"But, through it all, he was also such a compassionate person."


  1. Doing for others is so clearly the key to happiness. You make the world a better place while helping yourself in the process. There is a reason we named it mankind. Kindness is the key. We don't need some fictional god or false religions that prey on people's lack of understanding to teach us that.

  2. What a wonderful young man. Now, this is an example of living life to its fullest. He is loving, giving and caring despite the hard hand of cards he has been dealt.

    A. J.