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Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Is What I Mean By Suspicious Packaging - GOP Goes Wild West -- The Republican 'Young Guns' Program, Re-Imagined

Suspicious Packaging is about the art of presentation - the art of style over substance.  It is not what you say but how you say it.

The Huff Post picks up on that with their article GOP Goes Wild West -- The Republican 'Young Guns' Program, Re-Imagined.  From the article:

Hey, have you heard about the Young Guns? Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy are handsome, young(ish) Republicans who want to teach other Republicans how to be handsome and young and "chang[e] the face of the Republican Party and giv[e] Americans a road-map to get back to the American Dream." And so, they've come up with a program called "Young Guns," and have written a book about this program that they just invented!

They'll "change the face" of the GOP by making no real changes, of course. Their idea of proper taxation and budgeting will not surprise anyone who's been studying politics for the past 15 years. But that's not the point! Maybe the young don't know about any of this!

At any rate, the trio of lawmakers have a book coming out in September, and plan to stimulate the national book tour economy as well, "pending approval by the House Ethics Committee."

Slick packaging.  Here at SusPack we call that Suspicious Packaging.


  1. dangerous is what i say!

  2. Eric Cantor seems like the most plastic guy. What are these turds trying to be like " The Young Turks", the CAA agents that took over Michael Ovitz reign of power. "The Young Guns, " please, can they not come up with something more original than that.

  3. Soon you'll be able to get the book free on Drudge.
    The scary thing is the economy is not going to recover fast enough because the hole was so deep and voters will think these young guns have the right ideas.

  4. Republicans do like guns,