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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Idiot of the Day - Rush Limbaugh - Rush Limbaugh: Obama Created Recession As 'Payback' For Racism

Clearly he says things just to get people's attention and make money.  So he is not really so much an idiot as a conniving schemer and charlatan.  He is the epitome of suspicious packaging - you can't believe what you see, there is always multiple agendas.  His primary agenda is just to make money (news flash for all of the right wing zealots who follow him - it is just part of his circus routine).

Rush Limbaugh said on his July 2 radio show that he believes Obama tanked the economy on purpose, both as "payback" for 230 years of racial oppression and because Obama simply doesn't like America.

First and foremost, the "recession" began on George Bush's watch, and technically we are not currently in a recession.  But facts don't matter to Rush.  Besides it is just part of his "suspack," just say anything if it sounds good to your audience (Michele Bachmann is of the same school.  See my Article about her as Idiot of the Day).

Rush then went on as he railed:
"Who is Obama? Why is he doing this? Why? Why is he doing it? Is he stupid? Is it an accident? Is he doing it on purpose or what have you? ... I think we face something we've never faced before in the country -- and that is, we're now governed by people who do not like the country, who do not have the same reverence for it that we do. Our greatest threat (and this is saying something) is internal."
Limbaugh went on to compare Obama to the Black Panthers:

"So in this interview with J. Christian Adams yesterday talking about [how] he and his line attorneys were told to just drop the case against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philadelphia, he said that there were people in the office, DOJ, who said, 'Well, you know, those people suffered the indignity of slavery, discrimination, segregation and so forth.'

He said somebody else said, 'This is payback,' meaning, 'All right, look. We don't care if it's the New Black Panthers or whoever it is. Black people in this country have never, ever had a fair shake. This is payback. O.J. Simpson was payback. How does it feel?' That word 'payback' is not mine, [but] it is exactly how I think Obama looks at the country: It's payback time... There's no question that payback is what this administration is all about, presiding over the decline of the United States of America, and doing so happily."
To drive home his point, Limbaugh used a HuffPost story about a woman whose unemployment benefits expired as evidence for Obama's racial revenge plot: "[HuffPost is] using this as an indictment of the Republicans and the Democrats for not extending unemployment benefits. This needs to be looked at in a different light.... Payback time. This woman's going to find out what it was like, in Obama's view, for other Americans to live as they did in this unfair and immoral country for the 230 years we've been around."

We get it Rush.  You want to amuse us, you are a clown.  But it is really not funny when you make such terrible comparisons which are not based on facts or reality.

Yes for some you are a funny jester, paid to make us laugh.  But after a while we all see you for who you really are, just a fat, oxy-cotin popping, circus clown.

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  1. The world will be a far better place when Rush is no longer in it.